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Why Winter Is A Golden Opportunity To Sell Your Home:

Am I the only one who feels like just yesterday we were in the midst of Summer?


The golden sunlight beckoning you outside, the hearty family dinners and barbecues, the festive season in full swing, the long days and beautiful, warm evenings…


Yet here we are now- Winter. Heaters on, the jumpers, jackets scarves and boots come out, you awaken in darkness and the sun’s down again before 5 o’clock…


Where did the time go?


But- while you might curse the cold and (lately) wet weather we’ve endured- if you plan to sell your property, right now is a season of great opportunity for you!


I know you might have heard otherwise about why you shouldn’t bother listing your home during the Winter:


“Buyers aren’t going to spend cold weekends out inspecting houses…”


“Nobody wants to stand around in the middle of Winter for an auction…”


“Who’d want to photograph their gardens with skeleton trees in it?”


But consider these facts- you might just think differently by the end:


#1. The Law Of Supply And Demand In Your Favour


There’s fewer homes on the market from June to August. But that doesn’t mean there’s fewer people with changing work/ life situations, changing demands or changing desires. That remains just the same as always. Fewer properties on the market equals less competition and greater demand.


This is your great opportunity to negotiate a higher price for your property and really emphasise what a warm, cosy escape it is for potential buyers- even in these cold, bleak months!


#2. First Impressions Count


A survey (courtesy of Finder.com.au) conducted from over 1000 people revealed that according to nearly half of them (47%), they’d already decided whether they liked a property or not by the time they walked through the front door.


So it literally pays to make a good first impression!


Little things like clearing out the roof gutters, keeping the garden tidy and the lawn mowed makes your property more appealing from the outside. Then, once they walk through the front door, something like a fresh lick of paint can ‘lift’ the whole vibe of the interior and give it a more welcoming, vibrant feel. An extra floor rug or two, plus some more plush cushions or warm blankets on beds or couches is a nice extra touch as well.


#3. Give Them A Warm Welcome- And Suggest Their Stay Will Be The Same


This is especially important if your home has wooden, stone or concrete flooring. Make sure you turn the heater on for a while before anybody inspects it. If your home has underfloor heating, a fire place, fire pits or heated towel racks then show those off by all means!


In addition, try some good scented candles or have a cake/ bread baking when your guests walk through, for that added sense of being cosy in your home. If they get a strong sensation of being warm and cosy during their inspection, they’ll immediately think that living there would be just the same.


#4. Let There Be Light


In the Winter months, sunlight is precious. Make sure your windows are clean and open all the curtains and blinds you can, to ensure as much natural sunlight comes through the home as possible. If there’s any loose frames, tend to them so there’s no chilly drafts coming through the house.


In addition to the natural light, turn on any lamps (especially in darker sections of the house) for a warm glow.


#5. A Home For All Seasons


Despite the emphasis on making your home an appealing Winter proposition for potential buyers, you want to also showcase the fact your place is a home for all seasons. If you’ve got an outdoor entertaining area, make sure the patios and pathways are cleared of leaves and other debris, give them a hosing down and if you’ve got outdoor heaters, turn these on as well. If you have an alfresco dining area, roll down the blinds and add cushions to the seating areas to make the space look cosy and suitable for use no matter what time of the year it is.


In A Nutshell:


If you pay attention to these 5 things and act on them, it could be a wonderful Winter indeed, where you reap the full benefits of paying that extra attention to detail and the law of supply and demand work in your favour.


To put yourself in prime position of getting top dollar for your home, a real-estate agency is still your best bet, despite new platforms that allow you to sell your house independently (as we looked into, here: Do You Need A Real Estate Agent?)


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