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Why Professional Landscaping Is A Must:

By November 21, 2018Property Tips

Regardless of changing interest rates or property prices, home ownership remains the great Australian dream.


After moving in and getting settled, the next desire is making your new place feel like home. And if you have the outdoor space, there’s nothing like picturesque landscaping to make a place truly feel like it’s your own.


Landscaping brings more than just cosmetic benefits- it also boosts your kerbside appeal and the perceived value of your property (of course, how much it does depends on the quality of the work!)


Here are some more reasons professional landscaping is truly worth it:


#1. Creativity


Landscaping is about combining artistic flair with handyman skills. A good landscaper is able to craft amazing (and practical) outdoor plans you might never have envisaged otherwise. In the brief, let them know if you have pets or children (or plan to), let them know if you want a vegetable garden, a pool, want a low-maintenance area or don’t mind a bit of pottering in your garden on a regular basis. Taking these factors into account, they’ll go ahead and craft a proposal to suit your available space and budget. You definitely want to look at examples of their previous work and look for client testimonials to ensure they’re the landscaper/s for the job you require.


#2. Save Time


If you want it done right, you hire an expert. Landscaping is no different. Unless you have experience in the field yourself, you run the risk of forsaking many weekends and wasting money (see next point) to get the job done. Whereas a professional landscaper can achieve the task in a matter of days- it’s what they do best. Plus you save yourself the labouring, the time and the headaches- and in no time at all, you have a wonderful new outdoor environment.


#3. Save Money


Those of you old enough might remember the British comedy classic, ‘Fawlty Towers‘- namely one episode, titled ‘The Builders’. In it, Basil (played by John Cleese) calls a cut-price builder to carry out renovations on the hotel he owns with his wife, going against her desire to hire the more professional (and expensive) builder. The outcome is a disaster! But what was the lesson? It pays to do it right the first time! It may seem like the more affordable option to go ahead and take the D.I.Y approach here- but unless you have a background in landscaping yourself and know what you’re doing, you risk wasting money to get a result that just isn’t the same as what a professional could achieve. So why not get it right first time?


#4. Tools For The Job


If you watch ‘The Block‘, you’ll know just how much time (and stress) is incurred in running about town tracking down the right tools and accessories to complete the job. The beauty of getting a professional landscaper is that they have the tools and the contacts on hand to complete the job for you. Plus you don’t need to bother with the logistics of bringing it all together! The added bonus is they might also be able to score discounts on plants, tools, construction gear or materials.


#5. Masters Of The Art


Professional landscapers have studied their craft and honed their skill through experience. They understand what it takes firsthand to transform an outdoor area. Whether it’s soil quality, climate, council regulations or seasonal variations, they’re the experts in selecting the right plants and achieving the best landscaping results for your outdoor area.


Out Of The Nutshell, To The Nutshell’s Beautifully Landscaped Exterior:


As we’ve looked at before (*Warning* Don’t D.I.Y With These Tasks) it pays to have it done right the first time, and your outdoor area is no different.


The most practical decision that gets the best results is to call a professional landscaper- and give your property the outside area it deserves!



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