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The Real Reason A View Like THIS Doesn’t Sell Itself…

It was a little over a year ago now and I was looking to sell my 2-bedroom unit in Merlin Street, Neutral Bay.

So I found a local agent and listed the property with them, thinking that we’d find a buyer in little time at all. The unit was located in a desirable area and location is everything- so I thought…

But several months later, the agent still hadn’t managed to negotiate a successful sale. We had a hard time getting people just to inspect the place, let alone make an offer for it.

Then I met with Peter and Sally…

From our first meeting, they told me why they thought my units’ listing wasn’t enticing people to arrange for an inspection and why (as a result) it hadn’t sold, despite being in a desirable area.

As I discovered, to sell a property successfully takes more than simply being in a prime location…

They (tactfully) explained that my unit was cluttered and “tired” in its’ appearance. They were able to suggest effective solutions to style the property and get it all ready for inspection. Best of all?

I was able to remain living there while they went ahead and carried out the changes they recommended.

Peter and Sally arranged for some of my furniture to be removed during the sales campaign and other, more modern pieces to be brought in. The aim of this, they said, was to make the unit more appealing to a wider range of potential buyers.

I was sceptical at first- but it worked.

My original sales agent had listed the unit with a fixed price on it, and it hadn’t attracted very much interest at all. However, Peter and Sally recommended that instead, I should put my unit up for sale by auction.

As a result of following their advice?

Just a few days after the auction, my home sold- at last. It’d been just on a month since I began listing with Shields Gillman Real Estate.  

I couldn’t be happier with how Peter and Sally turned everything around for me- and got my home sold. I’m an elderly lady and getting my unit sold for the price it deserved had been a big worry for me to deal, especially as the weeks wore on with few enquiries. But now it’s off my mind- my unit is sold and at last, I can move on with the rest of my life.

Thankyou again, Peter and Sally!

Ping Wong

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The photos below were taken by Shields Gillman after listing the property for Auction (after we had it partially styled). No painting was carried out. Ping continued to live in her apartment – without needing to vacate in order to have the unit styled. The photos are just brighter and spin a more positive outlook




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