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What The Right Property Manager Saves You…

When you’ve got the right property manager a phone-call away, it saves you more time (and money) than you might expect. The difference can equate to hundreds of dollars- as the following examples show you:


The Heat Is OFF


We had a tenant who e-mailed us over the weekend, telling us their oven wasn’t working.

There are property managers who’d call stove tech straight away and let them care of it, but instead we asked the tenant to check inside the cupboard and see whether the cord to the under bench electric oven was plugged in?

It was. The switch was on, too.

So we asked for one final test. We got the tenant to plug her mobile phone charger into the power-point and see if it would charge. It didn’t. As it turned out, while the stove was in good working order, it was the power point that was faulty.

This simple act saved our landlord a $100 callout fee for the oven tech to attend, on top of what the electrician then charged.


Safety Switch Saves Hundreds


This tenant called us at 9.00am and said the power points had stopped working, but the lights were still on in their home. The safety switch had engaged and couldn’t be budged…

Here’s a simple explanation of how a safety switch works:

  1. Disengage the safety switch

  2. Unplug all electrical appliances and (one by one) plug them back in

  3. When the safety switch engages again, you’ve determined your faulty appliance.

If the faulty item belongs to the owner 0f the property, it’s repaired or replaced. However, if it belongs to the tenant then they must decide what to do with their faulty property.

Either way, the expensive electrician’s call out was saved.


Hot Water


Another tenant had a Rinnai hot water system and an overnight power failure automatically switched off the control panel.

They’d woken up to no power, checked the fuse box and found the safety switch had engaged. They flicked it and power to their home was restored- however the hot water was still not working.

So I asked if they had gas or electric hot water?

They confirmed it was gas.  I asked them if they recalled seeing a temperature panel in the home, possibly in the hallway or bathroom?

They noted there was a panel like this in their hallway.  I asked them to check and see if it was on.  They checked, and it was off. They switched it back on and hey presto- instant hot water!

If we’d just called an emergency plumber it could have stung the owner as much as $180 for the call out.


In The Dark About Power Loss


Now, this one was simple:

It was 11 at night and we had a tenant call. They were in the middle of watching a movie on Netflix and boom! The tv went off- as did all the power. They said they needed an electrician urgently…

But before going ahead to place the call, I asked them if their neighbours had power? They didn’t know.  I suggested they pop their head out the front door and see whether the lights were on in the street.

“Street lights are out”, they told me. This meant they were not the only home without power in the area.  A quick phone call to Ausgrid confirmed as much. Again, taking these steps first saved our tenant’s in this case (it was their mistake after all), about $180.00.


Asking The Right Questions


All 4 of these cases took place within 24 hours of each other. As you can see, we saved our clients an untold amount in emergency callouts, simply by asking the right questions first. These are the benefits when you have a professional Property Manager who’s available around the clock with the knowledge, experience and a friendly manner in order to get the right answers from stressed out tenants.

So if you’d like to find out how we can take care of your property? Call us!





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