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The Secret To Making Cool Savings On Your A/C Bill This Summer:

By December 18, 2018Property Tips

Christmas season is in full swing- and with it comes the spending-





Holiday accomodation

….And your energy bill.


Few things put more of a ‘Bah-humbug!’ on the Christmas spirit than seeing your power bill after all those nights spent with the Christmas lights on and days keeping cool from the blistering heat with your air-conditioning.

But there are a few ways you can save on air-conditioning this summer, without having to endure the humidity outright:


* Only Use The A/C When You’re At Home


Millions of Australians leave the air-conditioning running for up to an hour when they’re not at home. Collectively, it costs us in excess of $200 million in energy bills, nationwide. Properly insulate your home, ensure it stays cool by keeping doors, windows and blinds closed after you leave- and enjoy the savings!


* Clean The Filter


Quite simply, if your air-conditioners’ filter is clogged with dust and grime, it needs to work twice as hard to pump out cool air. It could ice up and stop working altogether. In order to ensure top performance from your air-conditioner, clean the filter every couple of months.


* Use A Fan Instead


Fans are cheap to run, and the most environmentally-friendly choice when it comes to cooling your home on those warm days. Before buying a fan, check the energy efficiency rating, as models can range from 54w to over 100w.


* Pre-cool


If the weather reports predict a hot day ahead, leave the windows open the night before to pre-cool your home. If your house has insulation then the cool air is retained the following day, reducing the load on your a/c unit. Once it heats up, close the windows- you don’t want that cool air leaking outside!


* Tamper with the temperature


Each degree of cooling can change your energy consumption by 10%. Adding just a couple of degrees to your preferred setting can equate to notable savings on your next bill. Try to keep the temperature at around 25°C this summer. Not only do you ensure your home stays at a comfortable temperature- you also avoid churning through power and ramping up your power costs.


* Check your energy rating


When it comes to energy consumption, a/c units vary significantly, so do your research before you buy. All a/c units are included in the Energy Rating System, which rates products from 1 to 6 depending upon their energy efficiency. Choose the cooling system that’s the right size for your home, as many people buy a unit larger than their needs and pay for it- both in terms of the upfront cost and their ongoing energy bills.


* Choose the right cooling for your home


Depending on your home design, some cooling options may be cheaper than others. The better insulated, shaded and draught-proof your home is, the smaller and cheaper your cooling unit should be. Cooling options include mechanical units like fans, evaporative coolers, air conditioners and geothermal coolers. You can find the best unit for your home (based upon location and room specifications) using online calculators such as


In An Ice-Cool Nutshell:


Following these easy guides to your aircon usage this summer can save hundreds of dollars off your next quarterly energy bill. This means you stay cool, without burning a hole in your wallet!

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