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The Secret To Being A Happy Homeowner…

By November 14, 2017Uncategorized

I bet this story was familiar for you-


You were a kid once and, whenever you weren’t allowed to do something, you thought how you couldn’t wait to be “grown up” and have the freedom to do whatever you felt like…


Then you found yourself “grown up”- and you looked back with a yearning for those carefree days as a kid. Sure your parents bossed you around, you couldn’t go anywhere without permission and there were those teachers who were a real pain but…


No bills!


No jobs beyond school work or housework!

So many problems you didn’t have to live with and solve on a daily basis!


Ahhh…to be young again…


Now- how does this all relate to property?


You see, we take so many situations or people for granted and then (for whatever reason) they’re gone. Over. Done with. Only then does it sink in what we miss about them. We didn’t recognise their true value while we still had them- we were too busy, or too engrossed in chasing “that next big thing” and delaying our gratitude until we found it- or we were too distracted by nostalgia for those other things or people of past…

So you might be looking to move into that new property or area that’s going to bring the carefree lifestyle you dream of…but then you find your “dream house” and only after moving in do you realise what you took for granted at your old place- maybe it was closer to work or the shops or there weren’t so many neighbourhood dogs barking at all hours of the night or it could even be as simple as how much easier it was to back the car out of the driveway in the morning!

Although you want a place that feels like home, true contentment isn’t something you can purchase, no matter where your next move is. It all comes back to state of mind


We can’t take anything for granted- not today, not tomorrow.


So why not live in a state of gratitude?


Every day if we take a moment, we can reflect on what we currently have or where we are that we’re grateful for. Who are the people in our lives that we have right now and appreciate? What does our living situation look like and what are the good things about it?


If you’re looking for a bigger place because your family is growing- aren’t you grateful to have this family of your own and who you’ve become in the process?


If you’re new to the property market and just bought your first house- maybe it’s not the size or in the location of your dream place, but aren’t you grateful for all the possibilities available to you from here? Buying your first place is definitely a milestone worth appreciating!


Big family or small, kids or no kids, rich or poor, man or woman, young or old, 1 hour commute to work or home office- you can definitely afford to take time out of your day at some point and say “I am grateful for- “


Our appreciation for where you live right now- changes noticeably the moment we begin to regularly exercise this attitude of gratitude.

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