Living In “the Forest”

A hidden secret, fast becoming better-known, and encompassing the suburbs of Forestville, Killarney Heights, Frenchs Forest plus Davidson and Belrose, there are countless benefits that come with living in The Forest area.

Friendly neighbours and a real community feel are the leading qualities that attract people to the area.

In addition to that, the area is surrounded by national parks and offers a great combination of local amenities, excellent city/Chatswood bus services, national parks, sporting fields, outstanding schools, child care facilities and fantastic neighbours.

There is a large diversity of houses, ranging from simple timber or weatherboard homes to large, modern properties. When you drive through the area, you see unique character with almost every home.

When you drive home over the Roseville Bridge after a long day at work in the city, the fresh smell of the Eucalyptus trees fills the air and the day’s worries seem to evaporate as you enter what we like to call "Forest time"...