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Should You Say ‘Yes’ To Pets?



Would you like to have a guess who causes the most damage that we see in houses?


In fact, there are two culprits:

  1. Neglectful tenants

  2. Children

Yet we constantly have landlords asking us if they should agree to a prospective tenants’ request to keep pets!


While it’s true that sometimes damage is caused by pets, after more than 30 years of residential property management I can state conclusively that the potential benefits of allowing your tenants to keep pets, far outweighs the negatives in most cases.


By rolling out the Welcome mat to our four-legged friends, you open it up to a greater proportion of the rental market.


The result of this?


More demand, and a stronger response to your listing. Expect to find your property rents quicker with less vacant days and also the ability to attract a higher rent. After all, more prospective tenants competing for your property means you can fetch a higher asking price. It’s the old Supply and Demand factor working in your favour…


But another advantage is the attraction of longer term tenants. Pet owners have a more difficult time finding new places to live, due to the limited number of pet friendly rentals available to them. So because of this, generally they stay longer.


We’ve also found that pet owning tenants often show a greater level of care and respect for their property, out of fear that their pet might be scapegoated for evident wear and tear.


Not only that, we also find tenants to be happier, more respectful and show a greater level of responsibility for their property when pets are allowed. Keeping a pet can make their property feel more like “home” for tenants, and studies have revealed that animals can help in reducing stress.


So while many list damage and the  presence of pet odours as the main reasons to say no to pet requests,  these fears can be allayed by including some strict Special Conditions within the Residential Tenancy Agreement, protecting your valuable property investment.


When considering a tenants’ request to keep a pet at the property, ensure the following conditions are included in the lease agreement. For example:


  • Property to be professionally cleaned upon vacating.

  • Carpets to be professionally steam cleaned annually, as well as at the conclusion of the tenancy.

  • Premises to be fumigated and deodorised following the tenants vacation of the property.

  • Any damage to the property caused by the keeping of an animal on site must be reported to the owner immediately and rectified at the tenant’s expense.

There are a number of other clauses we recommend you address, depending on the nature of the property and the type of animal that is to be kept on site by the tenant.  If you’d like more information on going about this, contact us. We’re happy to provide you with a copy of our standard “Pet Agreement” should you want it.


Feel free to comment below and let us know your thoughts on pets- are there any concerns or other great advantages you’ve found from allowing our furry friends to stay?

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