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Photography and Presentation when Marketing Your Property

REAL PHOTO 1 REAL PHOTO 1ALike anything, finding a buyer or tenant for your property is a numbers game. The more people who look at it, the more likely you are to sell it…
Each week buyers and renters are out there scouring the internet for the ideal property and they are making decisions on which of those advertised properties will fill their day and be worthy of inspecting.
When it comes to selling or renting out your property the way it is presented when marketing to buyers or renters is crucial to the success.
You have heard the old saying – “A picture tells a thousand words”; and this is critical when thinking about your marketing. The first thing a prospect looks at is the pictures of a property, and it is from there that they decide whether to invest more time in looking at the detail. If the pictures don’t make a property look desirable, they will move on to the next one, and there goes one more person who could have inspected your property.
So, what do we need? Firstly we need the “WOW” photo. This is the main image which should induce the person to look more closely at this one. From there, the photos should present a property in its best possible light. That is to display how the property is better than the others, how it will be more suitable for them.
Homes shown with simple furniture in a bright and spacious environment that display an easy lifestyle will be much more attractive than dull vacant rooms, and a professional photographer is paramount when creating this picture.
Ideally a home without furniture should be professionally styled with appropriate furniture and accessories. Sometimes, for example when it is a rental property, or the budget is tight, this can be a touch on the expensive side however there are alternatives.
Virtual Furniture is an inexpensive way of achieving a similar result in advertising is an outstanding way to present vacant properties to appeal to people.
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