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Photography And Presentation: The Winning Selling Strategy…

Right now, buyers and renters are sitting at their computer monitor or flicking through their phone, and they’re searching…


Searching for the ideal property and with more options than ever before right at their fingertips, they’re making choices: Which of those properties are worth making time for? Which of those are worth going along to inspect?


Finding a new buyer or tenant for your property is (like many other forms of selling) purely a numbers game. The more people look at it the more likely you are to sell. Simple as that.


But with so many choices available, presentation is crucial. If you don’t put the effort in here, people won’t put the effort in to come and look at your listing.


When a prospect checks out your listing, the first thing they see are the photos. It’s from this point they choose whether or not to bother checking out the other important details of your property, let alone organising to come and take a first-hand look. If your images fail to impress them, it’s on to the next one and you’ve missed another prospect.


So- how do you turn this around?


First of all, you need your “Wow” photo. Think of this as the ‘cover’ or the ‘title’ of your listing. The aim of this image should be to showcase the very best feature of your property- and it could be any of the following:


  • A spacious living room
  • Big backyard with plenty of greenery
  • A beautiful view of the ocean or natural surrounds
  • The house is tucked further back from the street or the main road
  • A large deck, perfect for entertaining guests


You get the idea.


Once you have this “Wow” image, the rest of the shots you choose should highlight the other visual details about your property that set it apart. What would especially entice people to come and take a look for themselves?


Homes displayed with simple furniture that display an easy lifestyle in a bright, spacious environment are much more appealing than dull, vacant rooms. A professional photographer is paramount when you’re creating this picture.


Ideally, if your home doesn’t have furniture then it should be professionally styled with the inclusion of furniture and accessories. If it’s a rental property or the budget is tight, there are alternatives. Virtual furniture is an inexpensive way of achieving similar results and highlighting what an outstanding living space your listing is for potential renters or buyers.


At Shields-Gillman, we’ve got a track record of putting together winning visual strategies that get peoples’ listings sold- as our vendors are happy to testify to:


Why A View Like THIS Doesn’t Sell Itself:


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