Sally: Our family, our dog Scout, long walks and real estate.

Peter: Apart from the long walks, I share the same passions as Sal, but also harbour a love for cards, games, movies and good wine – not necessarily in that order.
Together we also love eating out and Forest Rugby – possibly for different reasons.


Our Family


Peter and Sally have two children, Todd (who is 19) and at times helps out at busy Open For Inspections and Auctions whilst studying Paramedicine at ACU, and Emma (who is 17) and currently studying in her final year at Brigidine College, St Ives.
Both children commenced their schooling at Forestville Primary School, making life-long friendships and relishing life in The Forest.
Like many families, theirs is blended. Sally is also the proud stepmother to Peter’s elder children, Robert and Gabriela – both of whom are in their early-thirties.


Our Dog, Scout


Scout is a very spoiled, short-haired “Smooth Coat” Border Collie. Our office dog, she is well known around “The Centre” at Forestville, coming to work each morning with Sally and enjoying a local walk every lunch. Her day is complete with a visit to Frenchs Forest Dog Park, which is the local name given to the Lionel Watts Show Ground on Blackbutts Road, Frenchs Forest.