Many agencies complicate their property management charges, in what can only be an attempt to confuse their clients. They add extra fees and costs to the base, negotiated, management fee. They will then hurriedly agree to reduce that management fee as part of the “negotiation” to win your business. So the perceived value isn’t really there.


Other agencies manage thousands of properties, for less than it costs to actually look after them properly. So as not to make a loss, those companies then employ inexperienced clerks to act as the Property Manager, leading to all sorts of problems.


Our aim is to reduce our client’s stress, not complicate matters. Our charges are simple, fair for all parties, and transparent. We charge a full rate of 7% plus GST on the rent that is collected, and that comes with our unbeatable, exclusive, Fabulous Forest Area Guarantee. Sally Gillman, the office principal is the contact, and there’s no revolving staff. With 30 years Property Management experience and an assurance that we will only ever manage less than 150 properties, our service is attentive and professional.


When we need to find new tenants for your investment you will be charged:


  • A Letting Fee equal to one week’s rent + GST
  • A Lease Fee of $66
  • Advertising & Marketing