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Make Your Next Backyard Party A Hit With These 6 Steps

By August 22, 2018Uncategorized

The Forest Area:


Beautiful natural habitat, parks galore, plenty of cafe’s and places to meet with friends. Who wouldn’t want to hold a gathering or a party here?


But in order to make the day (or night) a memorable one, it takes planning. If it’s an important enough event, you could always hire a party planner to take care of the details for you. Otherwise, taking the “hands-on” approach can be done easier than you might think…


So for those of you who understand that you can’t have work without a bit of play, here’s 6 ways to make sure your next backyard event or party leads to a great time had by all:


#1. The Fun Of Theming


Themed parties are the inspiration of imaginative costumes and give your event a unique ‘feel’- but it also makes planning easier. You have a specific style (or direction) to follow when it comes to choosing the decorations. Is the theme more laid-back, or elegant?


There’s plenty of themes you can choose from: 60’s, 80’s (90’s are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst Generation X and Y), Mexican, super-hero, toga, pirate, gangster, rock & roll, Great Gatsby etc etc. Once you’ve decided on this, it makes the colour scheme for balloons/ streamers much easier to pick as well.


Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of dressing up?


#2. Be Prepared, Fair Weather Or Foul


The weather is unpredictable. In other news? Grass is green and water is wet. Even though it might be the middle of summer, don’t count on it being a bright and sunny day for your party. Likewise, you can’t presume your ‘Christmas in July’ bash is going to be a wet, cold and windy affair.


Generally speaking, if your event is planned for the warmer months (late Spring, Summer) then make sure there’s plenty of shade about (even hire a gazebo) and have enough eskies or fridge space to keep the food and beverages cool. In the Winter months, get some outdoor heaters or make sure you have a fire pit with plenty of space for people to sit around- and get the marshmallows as well!


#3. Furniture & Supplies


It’s crucial you have the right furniture and supplies to cater for your event. Have you got enough tables, chairs and cutlery? What about the glassware, crockery or lighting? Rather than going on a shopping spree and spending up on items you may never use again, why not ask around for stuff you can borrow? Failing that, there’s plenty of party hire places you can count on to give you everything you need.


Always remember: it’s better to borrow too much than not enough!


#4. Food & Beverages 


When it comes to eating and drinking, you have 3 important things to consider:


  1. What’s the theme of your event?
  2. What budget have you set?
  3. What sort of occasion is it?


If the event is one where people will mostly be standing, serve food that’s easy for them to eat while doing so. There’s nothing worse than having to go and find a chair then play the delicate balancing act on your knees while trying to cut up food with a plastic knife and fork! Finger food that can be easily passed around on trays is the ideal solution for this- and there’s any number of delicious menu items you can provide for your guests.


For your James Bond themed party, the idea of serving cocktails might seem like a blast- but do you want to spend half your time standing around making them? If you’d rather not fork out for a bartender, why not serve jugs of pre-made drinks (punch, sangria etc.) that are ready for your guests to pour?


#5. Get The Right Beat


Your choice of music can make or break the party. Don’t just choose music that’s your personal favourite, or go for whatever is currently doing well on the charts. Choose music that people know and enjoy, regardless of their generation- and keep it up-beat and happy. Let the music reflect the occasion. You also want to make sure that whatever playlist you choose is long enough to last the duration of the party! If you hire a DJ for your event, they’ll work with you to help you get the music mix spot-on.


#6. Keep The Neighbours Happy


Hosting an event at your place means your street is going to be busier (and noisier) than usual. The last thing you want are grumpy neighbours calling the Police or people in your neighbourhood grumpy because other people can’t find anywhere to park in your street! To avoid the party-poopers, you have 3 solutions:


  1. Slip notices in the mailboxes of neighbouring houses letting them know the date/ time of your party. This way they know what to expect.
  2. Don’t crank the music up too late into the evening- especially if your party is on a weeknight.
  3. If you get on well enough with your neighbours, why not invite them to join your party? If they’re welcome to take part in the festivities, you should find they’re a little more lenient with the noise!


Some other things to consider as you prepare for the big day/ night:


  • Do you require protection from flies or mosquitos?
  • If your event is at night, is there enough lighting?
  • Are there adequate transport/ accomodation options for guests?
  • Is there room for dancing or other entertainment?
  • Where will the excess rubbish go?


If you take these things on board, you’re sure to throw a wonderful party that’s as enjoyable for you as it is for your guests. (And of course, you’re more than welcome to send us an invite!)


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