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How to rent your property in just two days….

How to rent your property in just two days

I can confidently state that I can, and will (if you give me the opportunity) rent your property to awesome tenants faster than the competition. Just look at the photography below for starters. Believe it or not, this is exactly the same room. The first photo is the other agent’s and the second is ours:

Take this real life example that happened just last week-

An owner of a “granny flat” contacted us to see if we could assist with the leasing. After taking the call, I popped down to the property with Peter Gillman and we assessed the home. We discussed the pricing strategy with the owner and agreed to set it at the same level as the other agent had it currently listed. We took some marketing shots and left. Back at the office we edited the property photos, removing the unsightly furniture that was to be removed from the unit prior to tenants moving in anyway, and adding some virtual furniture to give prospective tenants an idea of what could fit in the space.

This is the result! The first photo is the original from the other agent, the second is the result from us…..


We spent time writing good (no actually, great) advertising copy and then submitted that marketing so that it showed as a premium listing on the two major real estate rental portals and It also showed up on a whole host of others but that was just a side benefit. Then we waited!

Within 24 hours we had a number of prospective tenants lined up to view the home. We held a 15 minute open for inspection just one day after listing the property for rent and by the very next day we had secured a deposit from some well referenced applicants. The property was gone! So what’s the “secret sauce”? The Shields Gillman Rental Difference, of course!


  • We take professional photography, we ensure that excellent descriptive copy is written for marketing purposes, we list our available rentals on numerous top-rated websites, with priority placement.

  • We treat each and every property under our management as if it were a property that we were marketing for sale, to get the highest number of internet views, ensuring that the property is exposed to the greatest number of potential tenants available.

  • We maintain excellent working relationships with many relocation agents and have regular contact with a number of HR departments in Multi-National Companies.

  • We maintain a rent roll of manageable size.

  • We respond to all prospective tenant enquiries the same day that we receive them. We don’t use a third party inspection service to pre-book inspections, we maintain a personal relationship from the moment a call is received.

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