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How To Make Your Home A Relaxing Retreat In 5 Steps:

The Forest Area is a wonderful place to come home to and unwind after a day at work, to go out and walk the dog or exercise, meet with friends and recharge on your weekends. Living in an area so abundant with native flora and fauna (along with great parks and walking tracks) gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation.


However, we can enjoy this experience even further in our own home. With a few simple steps, you can turn your home into a more peaceful retreat that allows you to relax and re-energise:




First and foremost, it’s important to get rid of the mess (or ‘clutter’) in your home. Although there are professionals who can manage this for you, provided it’s not excessive this is something you can rectify yourself. Having a cluttered space creates an atmosphere of instability and stress. So before any of the other steps, first of all make an effort to keep your home free of excess clutter on a monthly or even a weekly basis. Clear your living spaces, vacuum, open up the windows, let the fresh air come in and breathe a new feeling of life into your home!


Sounds Of Serenity


Some homes are relatively close to neighbouring houses, so this means that music, noise from the TV or loud chatter can travel through the air and interrupt the peace in your own home. To minimise this, try fitting a wind chime or two around the outside of your house- awnings and open windows work great for this, as even a slight breeze fills your home with calming sounds and gives a sense of restfulness.


Another sound that brings a sense of calm is that of trickling water. A small indoor fountain located in the kitchen, living room or home office has a great effect in this regard. Failing this, even playing an application on your phone or YouTube video of relaxing natural sounds creates the peaceful ambience you’re looking for- and is especially effective if you meditate.


Therapeutic Tones

If you want your home to have a warm, natural and “down to earth” feel inside, then consider painting your rooms in earthy tones. Colour influences our energy considerably- it’s no coincidence that companies spend so much energy and money making sure their colour palette projects the desired effect- and your home should be no different. Painting your rooms in more natural, neutral tones like mushroom, olive green, sand or terracotta help to create a more restful vibe.



Natural light in your home creates a warm, peaceful feeling and also has the added benefit of saving on your electricity costs. This can be achieved by hanging sheer curtains, mirrors and keeping the blinds open to allow plenty of natural light to fill your living spaces (dining room, kitchen, living room, rumpus room etc) and your bedroom. Whether it’s the bold, golden rays of summer sunlight or the soft, warm tones of winter- allowing plenty of natural light into your helps you to feel more ‘in tune’ and at ease, no matter the season.


Keep Your Furnishings Simple


Get rid of any furniture you don’t use too often- it’s only taking up space (which contributes to clutter) and selling these items frees up cash for you in the short-term. A great idea to save money AND recycle is to use items you’ve found (or you already own) and convert them into furnishings. For example, a simple pallet crate can be converted into a table, bed-head, outdoor seating or even a wine rack. Likewise, that 44 gallon drum can be transformed into a fire-pit, perfect for outdoor entertaining or warming yourself by and contemplating your day on a cool winters’ eve. All it takes is a bit of creativity and some handyman skills and you have furnishings that enable you to feel a little more “in touch”.


In A (100% Organic) Nutshell:


Coming home to an area full of natural beauty like The Forest is one thing- but to recreate that feeling of peace inside your living space is another thing altogether. When done successfully, your mind and your emotions are eased and restored on a daily basis, regardless of the stresses or problems that have taken place beyond your front door. Just a few steps undertaken like these, completely transforms your home environment to one that promotes a sense of peace and positive energy.


Try it for yourself- and experience the difference first hand.

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