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Great Renovation Ideas- How To Snazz Up Your Spare Room:

By September 19, 2018Property Tips


“Make the most of what you’ve got”


No doubt this is a saying you’ve heard before, and it applies to your living space as well. If you have a spare room that sits there, out of the way, picking up dust and cobwebs while serving as a breeding ground for clutter, why not transform it into a room you actually want to spend time in?


Following our recent article about easy D.I.Y projects around the house (5 Ways To Increase Your Property Value In A Single Weekend) now is your time to take advantage of one of these great ideas and snazz up that spare room:


Guest Room


If you have friends or family who come by for extended stays, then a guest room may be your most logical choice. The best thing about doing this is that your guest room can also make you money. Accommodation sites like Airbnb are a great money-earner for anybody with a spare room in their home. It’s easy to decorate the room, add bedding, inexpensive furnishings and list your space for short or longer-term accommodation.


The best part is that you can remove your room from accommodation listings whenever you feel like it, and then list it again when you feel like making some extra cash. For advice on how to become a host of such a space, you can find more information here: The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide To Airbnb Hosting


Home Office


Speaking of a spare room you can make money from…


All you need to do here is create a space that inspires productivity and you can work in comfortably for hours. The efficiency of the workspace and the comfort of home, rolled into one!








Dress It Up


Transform your spare room into a stylish dressing room with accessories like a hat stand, walk-in wardrobe, shoe-racks, draws, a makeup station and a floor-length mirror or two. Adding a bench seat or stool makes it easy to sit down while putting your shoes and socks on, while a dressing table or shelving makes it easy to reach for your sunglasses, hat, scarves etc. Why not go all-out and ad a heat lamp for getting dressed in those cooler winter months?


With a room like this, every morning when getting dressed for the day ahead you’ll feel like a star!



The Pump Room


Maybe you’re less interested in clothing and more interested in the body itself? If this is the case, why not turn your spare room into a home gym?


Plenty of time saved having to journey to and from a gym, money saved on membership fees long-term and a rainy day is no longer an excuse not to go!


Install rubber flooring, mirror panels for the walls, the exercise equipment you need (exercise bike, punching bag, medicine balls, treadmill, dumbells etc) and why not some Bluetooth ceiling speakers for that extra blast when you workout? The best thing is, there’s plenty of second-hand equipment you can find in good condition and pick up to reduce the cost of fitting out a gym room.


Extra Bathroom

If you have the money to spend and the need for one, why not turn your spare room into an extra bathroom?


Adding a second bathroom ads value to your home, and although the addition should cost around $30k, it’s unlikely to be an investment you overcapitalise on- and one that’ll return rather a nice profit when the time comes to sell!


Furthermore, if your spare room is next to a bedroom, this is the perfect opportunity to create an adjacent ensuite for the room.


Home Movies


If you’re a film buff, bringing the cinema experience to your doorstep and turning your spare room into an entertainment room could be just the ticket!


Install heavy curtains on the windows or blackout blinds, and paint the walls in a dark shade- just think of the interior of your local movie theatre.


Then, of course, it’s time to bring in the projector, big screen, sound system, gold-class reclining seats, the mini fridge, the snacks tray and some beanbags for those nights when you have extra company. Maybe even a popcorn machine if you can find it?


Then sit back, relax- and enjoy the show!


Entertain At Home


Your spare room could be the perfect space to entertain in-


If space permits you could add a pool table, a pinball machine, arcade games, an air hockey table, blackjack table or a table tennis set-up. On top of that (and providing there’s space) you could also include a home bar or drinks cart so your guests can help themselves- and why not some bar stools, a couch and a TV to watch sports fixtures on?




Embrace Your Passion


Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to get involved in?


Maybe there’s an old one you’ve been keen to delve back into?


The beauty of following this idea is that the options are countless- it’s all a matter of what takes your fancy and what activity you could happily get lost in for hours. Here are just a few suggestions:

– A dark room

– A recording studio

– An arts or crafts room

– Indoor greenhouse

– Model railway room

– A workshop

– Homebrew room

– A wine or whiskey tasting room

– A games room

The list goes on an on- so embrace your passion!


Library/ Study


The beauty of converting your spare room into a library/ study is that you have a space that can be an entertainment space (think a second living room) while also doubling as a place you go for some ‘quiet’ time in the form of casual reading or study. Find some good, comfy seating, a desk (with lamp) and solid shelves to fill with your most treasured hardcover copies.






In A Nutshell:


Before you rush out to buy new furniture and accessories to convert your room, first of all you need to check whether your plans are merely a cosmetic change or whether they involve some form of renovation. If they involve the latter, you’ll need to get in contact with your local contractor. Changes that involve building or removing walls could have a negative effect on your homes’ resale value- like if you decide to knock down a wall between two bedrooms to create a master suite, it might drive down the price at sale time with one less bedroom to advertise, regardless of the master bedrooms’ size.


So do your homework BEFORE you act- but then let your imagination soar!


Are there any great spare room suggestions we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments section!





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