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Get An Unbelievable Deal On Your House- Here’s How…


East Side Story

It was mid-2014 when Peter Gillman and I made the decision to move our thriving real estate business from Woollahra (in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs) to Forestville.

As local residents of many years who loved the Forest Area, logistically it made sense to do so. Yet at the time, we didn’t realise that a simple change in location would be like starting all over again. Naïve perhaps, but we just didn’t realise.

However, we soon learned…

We’d had roots in the same real estate patch for almost 30 years, and hadn’t needed to work to get listings for the last 20 of them up until we moved. People just came to us. That may sound arrogant, but when you commit to providing good service and get a reputation for it, people come based on the great things they’ve heard.

So for many years, new listings came purely from our wide referral base. We weren’t agents who’d write a million dollars of commission in a year- that was never our ambition.

Instead, we’ve always prided ourselves on being the agents who go that extra step for our vendors.

The agents who make the sales (or rental) process as smooth and stress free as it can possibly be.

The agents who tell it like it is, while upholding a culture of courtesy, enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism, as we strive to get the best for our vendors…


Tree Change

However, when we arrived in the Forest, people didn’t know about our history or what we stood for. So we aimed to change that, by ensuring that we got great results, underlined by our “go that extra step for our vendors” attitude.


We also pride ourselves on local knowledge, a passion for the area and real community spirit. For this reason, we reinvest 10% annually into the Forest community, by way of donations and sponsorship.


Although it hasn’t always been easy, we’ve done our best to get the word out- by getting great results for our vendors.


So what of our results to date?


As an example, let’s take the most recent quarter- the last of 2017:


We sold an unrenovated 2 bedroom home on Brown Street, Forestville for close to $1.7 million- at the same time other local agents sold renovated homes in the same suburb for up to $250,000 less.

We also sold a 4 bedroom home in Killarney Heights- last renovated 20 years ago- for $1.9 million- at the same time other local agents sold beautifully renovated 4 bedroom homes for just $50,000 more or even $40,000 less.

If this sounds unbelievable, look up the local results here and compare the properties for yourself:


The homes mentioned above are just two of our recent sales success stories. In order to achieve great results like these, we don’t stop negotiating until we get the highest price for our vendors.

Our job is to negotiate with the best buyer to get a 10% premium. To take away all the stress that comes with selling. We consider it our duty to do so on behalf of our vendors.

We hear many agents saying things like “Take the first offer and just sell” or “In this market you don’t want to take the risk and not see it sold”.

But not us. That’s not our attitude and it’s never been how we operate.


Instead, we get an offer and we work to see it bettered. We don’t “educate” our vendors into settling for a lower price than they initially wanted, then accept what we can get.

Like this recent example:


We received an offer to purchase a local property for $1,430,000. The owner of that property considered accepting this price, but we encouraged them to hold off and let us continue working for them. Sure, a sale was guaranteed and we’d secure our commission too- but weren’t convinced it was the highest sales price they could achieve. In the end- we were right. That same person made subsequent offers to $1,650,000 and we still ended up selling the property for more than that.


But even with a results based record like this, we still sometimes miss out on securing great local listings and the fact is, like any agency our lifeblood depends on selling property.

So, with the dawning of a brand new year, we’re making you this unbeatable, once in a lifetime offer:


What’s In It For You


By becoming one of the first 5 local area listings we secure in 2018, you’ll enjoy an unbelievable saving on your sales fee- it’s an offer you’ll have to see to believe, so don’t blink and miss this golden opportunity!

(As always, some vendors insist on tipping us extra for the results we deliver them- but of course there’s no obligation).

To kick-start what’s set to be a prosperous 2018, we want to give our Forest Area owners this unique, strictly limited chance to enjoy the Shields Gillman difference for themselves.


But hurry- this offer is limited to our first 5 new listings only. Don’t blink and miss out- contact us today:

We are Shields Gillman: Friendly, local and independent.


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