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Four Secrets To Get The Best Price For Your Property…


With more than 30 years experience in some of the toughest real estate markets here in Sydney, we’ve learned a lot about the most crucial factors involved when it comes to selling a property…

After all, the selling process isn’t just about the results, but also the people you’re dealing with and what they’re looking for.

Below, we share with you the most important areas of consideration when putting your house on the market. By following these, you set yourself up to get the best deal and achieve peace of mind throughout the process:


#1 Marketing Is Everything

The difference between somebody buying your house and buying another house that’s virtually identical to yours in the key areas (price, location, amenities, size etc.) can hinge on one factor above any other:

How each property is advertised.

The more people you get through the door of your house, the quicker you’ll sell. But you have to get them keen to take a look in the first place! So make sure you get the best quality photography (and video helps too) and ensure your property is visible in as many suitable areas- online and offline- as possible. Maybe you’re convinced that the first person to see your property will buy- but devoting that extra effort into how your listing is advertised is worth its’ weight in gold!

#2 Presentation Is Key

So your listing is getting noticed, people are keen to see more, and they’re arranging for an inspection. Great! But while it’s one thing to bring them through your door, it’s another for them to like what they see once they come inside and take a look around. Hiring the services of a professional stylist to organise your home and make it ready for inspection is absolutely worth the cost- and it will come back two-fold for you, believe us!

#3 De-clutter 

Remember this: when people inspect your house, all the time they are visualising: what would it be like for them to live in your place. Where would all their stuff fit, how would it look? Essentially, what they’re thinking is:


“What would it feel like if this was home for me?”


To make this projection as easy (and appealing) for them as possible? De-clutter. De-clutter again. Then de-clutter again. Then de-clutter some more. Demonstrate the open, accommodating spaces your house has to offer. Make it as easy as possible for them to visualise this house being theirs.


Because the stronger and more appealing this visualisation process is for them, the stronger case you’re putting forward for them to make this their new home- and make you an offer.


#4 Get The Right Agent

The agent you choose to list your home with makes a difference to the final price you sell it for. So if you want to get the best deal, do some research:


Check the recent sales of an agent you’re considering. What results have they got so far? What was the final sale price compared to the price guide they quoted- was it in the range? Over? Under?


You see, many agents are great at listing new properties to sell, but when it comes down to selling? All they may have in mind is the next listing. So therefore, they convince the vendor that the offer they receive is the highest they’re likely to get, and then they push to close the deal. While these agents are the people you want to buy from, it’s a different story when choosing an agent to sell your property…

In a Nutshell?

By taking note of these 4 key points, you’re setting yourself up to get the best deal on your home, with peace of mind from start to finish.

At Shields-Gillman, we’re choosy when it comes to what properties we sell. We don’t take just any listing to say that we’ve got numbers on our books. When we list any property, we devote 100% attention to that client. For us it’s about the quality of our listings, not the quantity. As a result of this, we are the only agency in our area of Sydney (Forestville) that can claim a 100% sales rate of all listed properties for the last 5 years to date.

So, if you’d like to find out more about how to get your property sold- and get the best deal in the process- contact us today for a chat:


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