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8 Great Tips To Secure Your Next Rental Property

If you’re looking for a new home right now and it feels just a little bit daunting? We understand…

Typically, late January and all of February are high demand periods for rental homes in Sydney. People check out of holiday mode, go back to work and finally take action when it comes to securing a new place. They want to get this (typically) big ‘To do’ item off their list to start the year and then settle back into their normal weekly existence.

As a result of this, demand outweighs supply and prices climb a little higher than usual.  It’s a time when landlords typically choose to increase rents and secure fixed term tenancy renewals. All the while, people mill around, looking to secure their next move…

So in the midst of this climate, here at Shields-Gillman we’d like to share our 8 Great Tips To Secure Your Next Rental Property:

#1. Dress for the inspection. You don’t need to go overboard in this department- shorts and thongs are fine if you’re looking for a home near the beach- but make sure you put on a shirt. Don’t come through topless, or looking like a slob! You may be a neat-freak who vacuums twice a day, but if you look as if you just rolled out of bed then a property manager is going to assume that it reflects your habits.

#2. Introduce yourself to the property manager – eye contact and a quick handshake should be enough.

#3. Don’t park in the driveway. Nothing upsets a leasing manager more than a prospective tenant taking liberties and getting too comfortable too quickly!

#4. Let the agent know you’re interested – don’t keep it to yourself.

#5. Submit your application as soon as you can – you have to be quick in a high demand marketplace.

#6. Bring everyone along to the inspection and don’t ask for a return visit later in the day. In the same way that you want to get your designated work done and finish up as early as you can, the agent wants to complete the opens and start their weekend without needing to stay back for a repeat visitor.

#7. Arrive on time. Small courtesies like this pay off.

#8. Don’t be angry. This should go without saying  but believe me- it happens! A prospective tenant will criticize a property in front of other prospective tenants (maybe as a thinly-disguised attempt to put them off), snap at the agent showing it (“You call this a view?”) and then despite their obvious disapproval of the place- they submit an application in the hope of renting it.  No chance!

Taking note of these small, easy to remember tips helps put you in a favourable position with any potential landlord, secure your new lease- and enjoy full use of that driveway ASAP.

We wish you good luck and happy house hunting!

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