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5 Ways To Increase Your Property Value- In A Single Weekend…

You might be surprised just how easily you can increase the fetching price for your property-


It doesn’t require thousands of dollars or months of extensive renovation work, either…


While we’ve previously shared what you need to do in order to make your renovations a success  (Make Sure You Read THIS Before You Renovate:) today we instead reveal the little things you can do in a single weekend- that make a difference:


#1. Frontal Facelift



The front of your home is like meeting somebody for the first time: that initial impression makes a big difference. We’ve gone into more detail about why it’s crucial to make a great first impression when listing your property before (Photography And Presentation: The Winning Selling Strategy) but here’s how to give the front of your property an easy, value-adding facelift:


First of all- use a pressure cleaner to blast away all the mildew, dirt and dust off your driveway and foot paths. Straight away, your property looks fresher- and we’ve only just begun! Then tidy your garden up- get rid of any weeds or dying plants and replace them with new blooms. If you’re doing all this primarily to prepare for listing your property, then keep the colour scheme fairly neutral so that it appeals to the most potential buyers possible (they can inject their own flair once your property is theirs, after all!)


Check that your letterbox and fencing is in good condition, clear any cobwebs from your outdoor lighting and ensure that your globes are all shining bright. You want the front of your property to be well-lit, after all.


#2. Ad A Lick Of Paint



A fresh coat of paint brings new life (and ads value) to a home, no matter its’ age. This is a project that can be completed in just a couple of weekends- leaving your walls crisp, fresh and filling the air with that wonderful ‘new paint’ smell.


Before you start, remember to do the right prep work- sand back, clean, tape off the door/ window frames and power outlets, cover the furniture and make sure all paint pots/ trays are in a safe place where they won’t be knocked over. It’s also worth investing in new brushes and paint rollers to ensure you get the best finish possible. When it comes to choosing the right tone, generally speaking lighter shades make small rooms feel larger. It might even be worth getting a colour consultant on board- paint and hardware stores should have such a person available who (for a small fee) can give you expert advice on what colours will turn out best for you.


After all, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!


#3. Replace Doors And Windows



By replacing your old doors and windows, you can add value to your home in a relatively affordable manner. When it comes to doors, start with the front- by taking the extra time and spending a bit more here, you give your home more street appeal and also increase the overall effect of Step #1. For the other doors inside, going for a more neutral colour and choosing conventional handles with a timeless look is your best bet. Installing bifold doors that open onto your backyard allow you to fully showcase open plan living- and integrate your indoor/ outdoor area as well.


The aim of your windows should be to maximise the natural light in a room, which may lead to customising the windows in your kitchen or living room. You want to ensure these are fitted properly to avoid drafts, and investing in double glazing is a great way to keep the temperature comfortable no matter the season.


#4. Flooring



Quality flooring is important, too. It’s not just about practicality, but the ‘feel’ as well. We’ve spoken in the past about how to make your home truly feel like a haven of retreat (How To Make Your Home A Relaxing Retreat In 5 Steps)


Adding darker carpets (or rugs) in the bedrooms ads a feel of cosiness and luxury to these spaces. Conversely, durable surfaces like timber flooring or tiles in your kitchen/ living space makes them easy to clean and maintain for years to come.





#5. Smarter Spaces

Can you be smarter with your available space?


Utilising space under the staircase or in the attic can definitely play to your advantage here. The same applies to your furnishings- can the lounge, bed or coffee table double as a storage box?


If you’re adept at using power tools, you can install a window seat or floor to ceiling shelving in your living area, able to double as a feature wall. Investing in some walk-in wardrobes or additional cupboards in the kitchen and bathroom will be a valuable selling point come auction day!


In A (Freshly Painted And Carpeted) Nutshell:


The course of action that ads the most value to your property all depends on its’ current state. Whether you follow up on just one or all 5 of these recommended action items, remember that it pays to do it right the first time- and by the time that ‘For Sale’ sign is replaced by the ‘Sold’ one, you’ll be glad you made the effort!


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