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Client Dealings With Sally- Straight From The Horses Mouth…

By May 24, 2018Testimonial

Here at Shields-Gillman, we pride ourselves on going that extra step for our vendors. But more than just marketing speak, we thought we’d give a long-time property investor and one of our highly valued clients the opportunity to do that for us-


Leigh Heidenreich lives in Sydney, and since 1992 Sally has managed his property investments. This is his account after 26 years (and counting) of dealing with Sally- straight from the horses’ mouth:


“Sally has a warm and likeable manner, I don’t think there’s a thing she doesn’t know about Property Management. Since 1992 she has been managing my property investments, finding tenants for me managing them professionally (and) ensuring that my properties are looked after and giving me good returns. She conducts regular rent reviews and regular inspections, she lets me know when maintenance is needed, reports to me honestly and is always available when I call.”


We’ve recently pointed out that having the right Property Manager can make you unexpected savings, hundreds of dollars at a time:  What The Right Property Manager Saves You


We’ve also looked at the new, online methods people are using to sell their property- and why there are still distinct advantages of letting a real estate agent take care of the process for you: Do You Need A Real-Estate Agent?


However, we also realise that while we can talk about what to expect when you let us take care of managing or selling your property, nobody is better at doing this than our happy owners. Leigh’s not the only client who’s seen first-hand the benefits of us doing what we do best- as Ping shared here: The Real Reason A View Like THIS Doesn’t Sell


So, if you’d love to be managed by agents who are:


  • Knowlegeable

  • Personable

  • Available

  • Committed

  • Experienced


And make selling or managing your property a breeze, call us today!


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