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10 Secrets That Snazz Up Your Rental Listing’s Appeal

If you have a rental property listing, you’ve got two main objectives, above all else:


  1. Find a good tenant
  2. Find a good tenant- ASAP

But no matter when you’re listing or where your property is located, competition is tough with so many other rental properties on the market. If you’ve had a listing on the market for a while but nothing beyond lukewarm interest, take heart:


There’s plenty of other great rental properties out there with owners who are in the same situation as you, believe me!


However, the secret to getting a distinct advantage in the market over other listings can be achieved. Follow these action items and see if you don’t notice the difference…


#1. Know Your Target Tenants


Quite simply?


Families are looking for living space, storage areas and clean carpets. Professionals are interested in convenience and neutral colours throughout, while FIFO or shift workers love a place that offers security, privacy and furnishings that block out the sunlight when required.


Speaking of which:


#2. New Blinds & Curtains


New blinds and curtains create an instant facelift to your listing, and (done right) can be tailored for your ideal tenant. Custom Roman blinds are well suited to a listing in a more up-market suburb, while heavier blinds are perfect for a property that’s close to the airport if you’re looking for FIFO workers. If its’ a beachside holiday home, wooden shutters are the go. Otherwise (if there’s no real need to replace your blinds and curtains) just give them a thorough clean to get rid of any grime or mould.


#3. Clean Walls


Your best bet is to add a fresh coat of paint to your walls. Keep the colours neutral, but avoid painting the entire interior white, as this creates a sterile, uninviting feel. If you have fairly new paint on the walls (or don’t want to go to the extent of painting) then just wipe all the marks away and then fill in any holes or cracks. You want the place to look fresh and well-maintained.


#4. Clean Carpets


Onto the carpet- and this can make or break a potential tenancy. When a tenancy reaches the end of its’ lease, it’s expected that the carpets are professionally cleaned. So why not do the same before your new tenant/s move in? If your carpets are too old and worn to save, have them replaced. This makes a house feel well-maintained and inviting.


#5. Fix Up Your Fittings


Don’t give your new tenant any reason to find fault with the fittings. Whether its’ light fittings, door knobs, handles, locks, screens or switches, make sure they’re all in sound working order and good condition.


#6. Appliances Ready For Action


A small time and money investment in repairs upfront can save you a great deal in the long-run. Check that all the appliances throughout your listed property are clean and in working order, repairing or replacing any as required. Stovetops, fridges, dishwashers etc. should all be sprayed and scrubbed so they’re hygienic and ready to be used by your new tenants.


#7. Kitchen Makeover


If you watch renovation shows like The Block, you know how crucial the bathroom and the kitchen are to the overall value of the place and how desirable it is to potential buyers. It’s no different with your potential tenants! Just a few simple DIY jobs might be all you need, so consult your real estate agent before you get to work. It might just require a new coat of paint to the walls and cupboards and replacing the handles. If you want to go an extra step, why not replace the countertops or the sink?


#8. Bathroom Makeover


Don’t turn potential tenants away with grime or mould. Fix any leaking taps, update the light fittings and replace the shower head unless it’s fairly new (nothing more dispiriting than coming home from a tiring day at work or waking up on a bracing Winter morning, only to stand under an old shower head that dispenses no more than a thin trickle of water at full blast!) Mould is a deal-breaker as well, so get the grout professionally cleaned OR re-grouted.


#9. Well Kempt Garden


This is especially important if you’re looking to attract families. Keep all lawns freshly mowed, edges trimmed, bushes neatly pruned and get rid of any weeds. If there’s a nest of ants or wasps, bring in the pest control team to take care of it. You only get one chance to create a first impression, and the first thing a potential tenant sees of your property in real life is the exterior.


#10. Clear The Air


Give your listing a fresh and inviting smell throughout. Consider using a plug-in air freshener before inspection to give the whole interior that added sense of being a liveable place. If your listing is aimed at families, why not go the extra step and bake bread or cookies before they come over for inspection- give it that delicious scent of “homeliness”- plus the kids will love it if they can help themselves to a tasty treat or two while Mum and Dad look around at the important stuff (which includes the prevous 9 items you’ve had the foresight to take action on!)


In A Freshly Painted, Clean Carpeted Nutshell (That Smells Of Baked Bread  Throughout):


Taking the extra time to put yourself in the shoes of your ideal tenant, fix up any issues and pay attention to the small details before you roll out the ‘Welcome’ mat ensures your best chance at convincing great tenants to make your rental property their new home- and getting them in as soon as possible.


Of course, having the right photography for your listing online and the right strategy also makes a big difference (Photography And Presentation: The Winning Selling Strategy) so why not let us show you the dedication and expertise we’ve built a reputation for!

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